Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching is a way to provide support to people who have any addictive behaviors, such as Substance Abuse Disorder and/or codependency. It is a form of strengths-based support.

Recovery Coaching is a basic need for persons seeking any type of recovery from any type of addiction.

What does a Recovery Coach do?

  • A Recovery Coach:
    • can be your guide and mentor to support you as you seek recovery;
    • helps you to identify and overcome barriers, navigate resources;
    • guides you to achieve your personal goals toward a life of wellness and purpose; and
    • helps empower you to decide what YOUR recovery looks like.

Whether it’s abstinence or not, you’ll receive judgement-free assistance.

What does it cost to have a Recovery Coach?

Nothing! There is no charge to you. It is a free program offered by Save A Life Community Recovery Resources.

How do I get a Recovery Coach?

  • Contact Save A Life today:

I might be a good Recovery Coach. How do I become a Recovery Coach?

Contact Save a Live at the above phone or email! We will invite you to meet with us to discuss your interest and skills.


All of our programs and services are offered free of charge. We are supported entirely by donations.


Last updated 9/21/2022